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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Mighty Kauri Tree

On our last vacation day we took a 2 hour drive north of Auckland through the most beautiful country and ended up at the Kauri Museum.  Giant kauri trees grow in New Zealand and Australia, and I'm not sure if they grow anywhere else.  They can grow immense and are second in size only to the California sequoia.  They can live up to 40 thousand years and they take 500 years to mature.  After thousands of years they do not petrify, but are still wood. Below is a slab of a small tree.  In the next picture a slice of that same tree on the wall shows how small it is compared to the largest ring representing the largest kauri that has been found. 

The gum from these trees was highly valued and made into everything from jewelry to clocks to statues like the Mauri warrior below.

These pieces have insects or bugs trapped inside.  (Maybe Jurasic Park is not so far fetched after all!)

Below is a baby Kauri.  There are very few of the giant ones left because of aggressive logging many years ago.  We learned, however, there are several places to see some very big ones, but none are near the museum, so we'll have to do that another time.  (Unlike a 2 week vacation where you have to cram so much into a short period of time, it's nice to know we'll have a second chance.)

For some more photos of The Kauri Museum go HERE.


  1. I'm glad that you have had time to tour a little. Isn't this the best museum?