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Friday, July 22, 2011

Fiji Food Stories

It is an adventure to eat foreign foods that taste and look differently from what we are used to.  Sometimes this was a..... challenge.  At this meal we were served a complete fish.  (You can see the teeth in the lower left side.)  I wish I had been quick enough to snap a photo before it was cut up.  As guests, we were offered the head as this is a delicacy.  When we politely refused,  our host had the honor of showing us the fine art of sucking out the brains and eyeballs.

We were served taro at almost every meal.  It is a staple in most Fijian diets and is served plain with no gravy, sauce or butter.  It tastes about like it looks, and we only ate enough to be polite.
One day we were being driven to a meeting and dinner by another American missionary.  I asked him if he had trouble eating the food or drinking the water.  He said he was very careful about the food he ate, and he only drank filtered or bottled water.  He also cautioned us to avoid drinking orange punch which is a popular drink, as it is usually made with unfiltered water and is sometimes stirred by hand, not with a spoon.  Sure enough, that night we were served orange punch, which we politely refused.


  1. Well, I guess everything about your mission can't be wonderful. I almost choked when you talked about the sucking of the brains and eyeballs. I hope you don't lose too much weight while there.

  2. I think I could lose weight on this diet.

  3. I think we should respect other people and their culture. It might seem a little extreme but the taste could be exquisite