Dear Family & Friends: We are having so many new and exciting adventures to tell you about. We get up around 5:45am and go as fast as we can until bedtime, learning our new responsibilities and having a peek at this BEAUTIFUL country. We hope in this blog we can express how blessed we are to testify of Jesus Christ and serve Him in this amazing corner of the world! HAERE MAI* to our blog, we're glad you are visiting us!.....(*This means 'WELCOME' in the Maori language)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bird's Eye View!

I fly, but I'm not a great flyer, so I was less than thrilled when we boarded a small plane to go to the small island of Taveuni.  (Especially since someone told us they were on a similar plane and there was duct tape holding something in place -yikes!)  Anyway, this was the no frills flight.  Our seats were right behind the cockpit, and when it was time to leave the co-pilot stuck his head out and said, "Everyone put their seat belts on, we're ready to take off".  
Here's the view out my window.
We passed over many beautiful islands and turquoise coral reefs on the way.
 Here's the airstrip on Taveuni.
We ran into a little turbulence.  Sister Pferdner didn't like that either!


  1. After flying in the Pacific you'll become an hardened flyer. If you ever go to New Guinea that will really test your spirit. The last shot is a classic.

  2. I can just see Joanie gasping for real. Jack, on the other hand, looks his usual pleasant unruffled self. You are great sports. Keep the pictures and stories coming. We love reading and hearing about everything you do.