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Monday, August 29, 2011

Assignment in Wellington


As I've mentioned before, one of the goals of Public Affairs work is to help build bridges, form relationships and foster good will worldwide.  One way we do this is through reaching out to ambassadors, diplomats and other government officials.  We want them to learn about the church, and to know that our members are good neighbors and good citizens who want to make positive contributions to society in general, and in the communities where they live.  This past weekend we have been in Wellington, the capitol of New Zealand, where the embassies and high commission offices are located.  Wellington Stake had their semi-annual conference presided over by Elder F. Michael Watson, a general authority and member of the Area Presidency.  We invited a small group of dignitaries to attend the conference and a reception afterwards where Elder Watson, Stake President Harvey, and other church leaders could mix and mingle and meet these country leaders.  We were there to assist our local Public Affairs people who were in charge of inviting and hosting our guests and arranging the reception after the Sunday session.   We think all had an enjoyable time and we hope left with good feelings about their 'Mormon' friends and neighbors.  Of course I took photos to document the event:

  Elder & Sister Watson greet His Excellency, Mr. Anthony Le Clerk Kgwadu Mongalo, South African High Commissioner

Elder Watson with Her Excellency, Ms. O'Love Tauveve Jacobsen, Niuean High Commissioner

Elder & Sister Watson with Rahui Katene, Member of Parliament for Te Tai Tonga, NZ Maori Party, & her husband Dr. Selwyn Katene

The Honourable Annette King, Deputy Leader, Labour Party (in red jacket)
Paul Eagle, Wellington City Councillor (middle)

Elder Watson talking with The Honourable Peter Dunne, Minister of Revenue, Associate Minister of Health, Member for Ohariu, Leader of The United Future Party (on left)

Group Photo

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  1. What good will is expended by these events! It surely makes us appreciate the efforts of our leaders to reach out to government leaders and create great working relationships.