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Friday, August 12, 2011

These Mormon Men Are On a Different Mission

August 11, 2011

Members of the Spartans rugby team congratulate each other during last week’s semi-final win.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – A group of rugby-playing Mormons are on a mission, and there's not a white shirt or bicycle in sight. The men, all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, make up the Spartans rugby team in Auckland. This Saturday they play North Shore for the North Shore Rugby 2nd Level Championship.
The players, many of whom have served as Latter-day Saint missionaries, say they share their beliefs in a different way to the missionaries often seen on Auckland streets.
"We play hard, but fair, and we are being noticed not only because we are a winning team, but because we try to maintain our religious values even on the rugby field," says Jordan Reid.
"We don't yell or swear at the refs or fight with the other team, and we don't go out drinking after the game."
The team came together after a church activity when a group of young men decided to play a friendly rugby game. They had so much fun they decided to form a team and join a league. After the first few games they were surprised when they began beating teams who have played together for much longer.
Despite having limited practice time because of other commitments to family and church, they won their semi-final last Saturday, and are now gearing up for this Saturday's grand final.

Watch a video of the Latter-day Saint rugby players



  1. That is so good, that the boys play rugby together. I guess you find that game a bit hard to understand.

  2. I've been away for a couple weeks, but I'm glad for the chance to get back and try to catch up. I see you're keeping busy on your blog.

    Love these stories about the rugby team and the previous one about the "Time Out for Women".