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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Whenever we travel we try to find material and take photos for stories to add to our Pacific Area Church website.  While we were on assignment in Wellington recently,  I sat in a auxilliary training session in conjunction with Stake Conference (see post below), and decided the subject matter would make a nice informational story.  Here it is:


Sister Jolene Watson teaches Wellington Latter-day Saints about the new LDS Media Library

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — The newly upgraded LDS Media Library will "enhance your life," according to Sister Jolene Watson, wife of Elder F. Michael Watson of the Pacific Area Presidency

Speaking at the Wellington Stake Conference on the weekend, she stressed the importance of using the LDS Media Library — which has been recently added to — to help learn and teach the gospel.

"Advances in media, social networking and technology, can and should be used to inspire, educate and spread the gospel message," she said.
"Now when the Church creates and publishes new materials, everyone world-wide will have access almost immediately."

Sister Watson says the LDS Media Library is full of faith-promoting videos, photographs and music, which are entertaining and fun, as well as informative.

She demonstrated how to navigate the website and encouraged attendees at the conference to spend time exploring the vast resources available and then use them for lessons, family home evening and to share them with neighbours and friends.

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