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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Books for Fiji


Books for Fiji has been in the planning stages for over a year.  Finally, after all plans, approvals and preparations were completed, donated books were collected throughout the lower part of the north island by numerous groups, organizations and individuals over the past two months.  And then last week, all books were brought to the Wellington Stake Center to be sorted, labeled, and packed into boxes, then loaded onto a truck, for the first leg in the journey to Fiji.  We ended up with around 47,000 books.  Quite an accomplishment, and all organized by our amazing Public Affairs Director in Wellington, Eileen.  In Fiji, the books will go to remote villages where the schools have very limited educational materials and reading books.  We spent the week in Wellington helping with this project and, of course, I took a ton of photos.  Because this humanitarian project will be part of the World Report that will be shown between conference sessions next April, we also had a videographer come to take footage of the event.  We will be traveling to Fiji in several weeks to help film when the books arrive in Fiji.  Here are some of my favorite photos from this past week: 

 Dignitaries who supported the project.  Paul Eagle, Wellington City Council, Mere Tora, Fijian Acting High Commissioner in NZ, Eileen, our DPA, Annette King, MP, Pres. Harvey of the Wellington Stake, Peter Dunn, MP

Our DPA Eileen and her husband Kurt

A Mormon Helping Hands label was put in every book

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