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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dunedin Chapel Open House

Dunedin Chapel Open House

This past week we flew to Dunedin to assist our DPA Suzanne with an open house.  Often, areas will hold open houses to invite the community to see our chapels, and learn more about our beliefs.  It is a good time to invite opinion leaders, government officials and the media, in an effort to build relationships and make friends for the Church.

Dunedin Chapel

President Smith

President Weepers

Elders Sayers & Skewes

President Smith, Sister Gillies, President Weepers, Elder Skewes
President Smith, MP Clare Curron, Sister Gillies, Elder Skewes

Baptismal Font

Young Men

Young Women


Young Single Adults

Relief Society

Family History

Provident Living


  1. A great building with plenty of enthusiastic workers. I love the accent of the Dunedn people.

  2. I hope the open house was a big success. You may want to reread your opening paragraph for this post you have "and relationships" twice in the last sentence.

  3. What a super open house. Every display is impressive.

  4. It's so awesome to have a small peak into what you're doing over there. Sounds like you are having some amazing experiences that are truly opening our eyes to how the gospel is rolling forward and filling the earth.