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Monday, December 19, 2011

Pacific Women Enjoy New Book: 'Daughters in My Kingdom'

Pacific Women Enjoy New Book: 'Daughters in My Kingdom'

Relief Society Sisters in New Caledonia

AUCKLAND, New Zealand — "Relief Society sisters around the world are finding inspiration from a rich spiritual heritage of faithful and valiant women who went before and paved the way," according to Karen Larsen, a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Referring to the publication of a new book titled Daughters in My Kingdom, Sister Larsen says that "past and present, we are spiritual daughters of our Heavenly Father. Because He loves us and wants us to be worthy of our divine nature and return to live with Him, He has not left us alone in a world filled with temptations, tragedies and trials."
Sister Larsen, who alongside her husband Elder Jeffrey Larsen, are serving as public affairs missionaries for the Church in the Pacific Area, currently reside in New Zealand but hail from Utah in the United States.
"God knows and watches over His daughters and has told us we will receive personal inspiration and revelation when we humbly pray to Him and when we earnestly search the holy scriptures," she says.

"He has also sent us Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Redeemer, who has atoned for our sins and is our beacon of light guiding the way back to Him. I love a quote by Elder James E. Talmage where he says, "'The world's greatest champion of women and womanhood is Jesus the Christ.'"

Julie Beck, General President of the Relief Society has stated: "In order to watch over, teach and inspire His daughters in these perilous times, God authorized the Prophet Joseph Smith to organize the women of the Church. This divinely appointed and priesthood directed organization is called Relief Society."

Latter-day Saint women the world over help each other prepare for eternal life, strengthen families and communities, and provide relief to those in need.

For Sister Larsen, Daughters in My Kingdom "is about ordinary women, who with faith and fortitude, did extraordinary things."

The book's preface states: "The value of this book is not so much in the dates and facts it provides but in the purposes, principles and patterns it teaches."

"As we read and share their stories," Sister Larsen adds, "we will discover we have much in common, and we too, are capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. We will come to realize our power and potential as daughters in His Kingdom, find joy in living righteously, and will recognize the important roll we have in building up His kingdom here on earth."

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  1. We received these books this fall as well. It is impressive and a great inspiration to women everywhere. Will this article appear in the Church News?