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Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Zealander Writes New Song About 'Mormon Helping Hands'

Several months ago we met with a singer and songwriter who had been commissioned by Public Affairs to write a song to use in conjunction with 'Mormon Helping Hands' activities.  The videos will be changed as needed to meet different needs and uses of the song.  It is so beautiful.  Please take the time to listen:

New Zealander Writes New Song About 'Mormon Helping Hands'

AUCKLAND, New Zealand — A new song, written by New Zealand Latter-day Saint Dionne Shaw, can be listened to on YouTube, here. The song is about using our hands to reach out in love and service to others.
The accompanying video clip on YouTube was produced by fellow New Zealander and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Garth Watene.

This Saturday volunteers across New Zealand will paint schools, clean up parks and otherwise spruce up public spaces in dozens of community projects. While thousands of Latter-day Saints will be involved, neighbours and friends are welcome to take part also.
After Saturday's projects, participants can send photos and videos from the day to Richard Hunter at . A new video (with the song) will be produced and posted on YouTube using photos and videos submitted. Suggestions for a name for the song are also welcomed.

For more information about the closest Mormon Helping Hands project to you, email Richard Hunter.

Latter-day Saints and their friends across the world participate in regular community service projects. Their efforts are inspired by the teachings and example of
Jesus Christ.

Elder Kevin W. Pearson, a member of the Church's Pacific Area Presidency, says the service projects "will be a great blessing to many communities and a blessing to those who serve as well." 


  1. A Beautiful video. I loved the scene where the children were unpacking boxes of books and started reading straight away. Well done Mormons.

  2. WONDERFUL. Very beautifully done.