Dear Family & Friends: We are having so many new and exciting adventures to tell you about. We get up around 5:45am and go as fast as we can until bedtime, learning our new responsibilities and having a peek at this BEAUTIFUL country. We hope in this blog we can express how blessed we are to testify of Jesus Christ and serve Him in this amazing corner of the world! HAERE MAI* to our blog, we're glad you are visiting us!.....(*This means 'WELCOME' in the Maori language)

Friday, March 9, 2012


Suva, Fiji Temple

Hamilton, New Zealand Temple

Papeete, Tahiti Temple

 Apia, Samoa Temple
 Melbourne, Sydney Temple
Sydney, Australia Temple


  1. What incredible experiences! Post card photos too. It's great to see you both in some photos also. :-)

  2. The Tahiti Temple is very beautiful and most unique. You are having wonderful experiences.

  3. They are all impressive as too are the photos.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. I realise that you are working and very busy, so I appreciate it very much. I always enjoy dropping by your blogs because your photography is an inspiration and I enjoy seeing the Pacific especially NZ through your eyes. I also appreciate the work your church does as well.

  5. Wow a blue roof! It is really a testimony builder to see these temples dotting the entire earth.