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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Botticelli Italian Restaurant

One thing we love about Takapuna, (and most all little towns in NZ), are the little 'mom & pop' cafes/restaurants dotting the main streets.  There are very few large chain restaurants, although there are a fair share of fast food chains.  What is nice about these small places is that the chefs and waiters know us well and often visit with us.  One time while we were eating lunch here at Botticelli, Matt came over and asked us to help him decide on the dishes for a new lunch menu.  Another time, I told him that nothing on the menu really sounded good and would the chef make me a salad with this, and this and this in it.  He said, "sure", and now I have my 'custom made salad' that I order all the time.  The other day we walked in and the chef was out in the eating area talking to Matt and someone else and he said, "Hey, we were just talking about you!"

Matt is taking our picture.  Many of the little cafes are indoor/outdoor, very friendly and fun.

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  1. I found the New Zealands very hospitable and friendly people. They have great B&B's and Lodges too. It is a lovely photo of you two . It looks like the Antipodes are good for you.