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Monday, May 14, 2012

Life in Takapuna


I am usually so busy looking for a really great photo op that I forget to record everyday events and sights.  So this post is all about where we walk, and eat, and shop and do business in our little oceanside town of Takapuna:

My favorite little cafe, Tai Takapuna
Jeff standing in front of the Pacific Area office building.

 A little vegetable stand where we shop several times a week.

A little park we walk through on our way to lunch.
Coming out of the barber shop.
Despite the sign, this is where Jeff discovered he can buy Dr. Pepper.

Nando's, Jeff's favorite place for lunch and my favorite french fries with peri-peri seasoning.
A new Mexican cafe to try.
Favorite Chinese takeaway.
Pedestrians walk in all directions.
 Somethings always going on in Takapuna.
A stop at the bank.
Hurstmere, the main street.
Whenever we walk down Hurstmere St. at lunchtime this lady is always sitting at that table.  I think she has been there every time we have been there.

Eating lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant.
Women wear interesting outfits here.
Early morning view of Auckland from our flat.


  1. THAT WAS AWESOME! Now I feel like I can imagine where you live, shop, and eat. Do you cook much or eat out most of the time? I loved the sights and shops and area scenes. This should have been your first post when you arrived. Loved it.

  2. I'll bet these will be some of your most treasured photos when you get home. I LOVE that shot of Aukland.

  3. I loved this post except for one thing--Elder Larsen found Dr. Pepper! I thought we had a talk about that! I endorse everything else.

  4. I'm glad you took some pictures of the everyday!