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Sunday, June 3, 2012

First LDS Stake Organized in New Caledonia

First Latter-day Saint Stake Organized in New Caledonia

NOUMEA, New Caledonia — 
The first New Caledonian stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized today.
Presiding at a special conference in Noumea, Pacific Area President Elder James J. Hamula said "today marks the coming of age of the Church in New Caledonia."
"Latter-day Saints and all of New Caledonia will be blessed as the gospel of Jesus Christ is taught and embraced by more and more people."
Elder Hamula told the members and guests at stake conference today: "It was on May 2, 1968 that Thomas S. Monson, the current president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, came to New Caledonia."
"On a hill not far from here looking out across the bay and upon the city of Noumea," Elder Hamula said, "President Monson stood with a few others. He offered a prayer unto heaven, and invoked the blessings of heaven upon this great land, and dedicated this land to the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."
"Here we are, these many years later, and we see the fruit of that prayer. I know the Lord loves you and He loves this land as well, and I know this is just the beginning."

A stake is a Mormon term for a group of congregations in a geographical area, similar to a diocese in other Christian churches. The Noumea New Caledonia Stake comprises around 2,000 members who worship in eight chapels.
In October 1961 the first small congregation of New Caledonian members was organized, and 11 years later the first chapel was built.  
Georgie Guidi was called to be the first president of the Noumea New Caledonia Stake today, with Marc Mocellin and Thierry Gorodey called as his counselors.
"The organisation of this new stake is not only for members of the Church, it is for all people of New Caledonia," President Guidi said.
"Our most important mission will be to preach the gospel and all its principles to the people of New Caledonia, which will bring happiness for them, for their families, and in their work environments and communities." 

 The chapel was bulging, and other rooms in the building, plus the parking lot, were set up with chairs and sound system

 Beautiful music (as we have found in all the islands we have visited)

 President Georgie Guidi

 Sister Rachel Guidi - she is also our National Director of Public Affairs for New Caledonia

 Pacific Area President James J. Hamula greeting members after the conference

 Members congratulating President Guidi

 President Guidi welcoming former President of New Caledonia, Mr. Gomes, to the conference

 Mr. Gomes saying thank you and that he is a friend of the Church

 Government officials and opinion leaders who attended the conference

 Local television station interviewing Elder Hamula

 Interviewing President Guidi.  That night there was a very positive segment aired on the evening news, and three articles, one a full page article, appeared in the main newspaper.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. It is wonderful to see what has happened there since I served in 1982-1983!