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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Area Public Affairs Conference

We have spent many hours organizing our annual Public Affairs Conference where we brought our National Directors together from every country for training and PA area updates.  We've arranged air transportation, accommodations, the program, the food, etc.  We've prepared run sheets, travel schedules, program outlines.  We've arranged activities, ground transportation,  purchased gifts, made name badges, and a thousands other things. 

 Our conference started in Takapuna at the Area Office.  Our first contact in SLC, Kim Woodbury, traveled to join us for our conference and we received great training from her as well as headquarter updates.
Here is our group from New Zealand which includes our Area 70, Elder Robers, and our multi-stake directors Melanie, Eileen, Michael, and Jared.
We then flew to Melbourne, Australia for the main part of our conference where we brought in the National Directors from all the Pacific countries.  Elder Hamula, our Pacific Area President, started with a keynote address to begin our conference.

Our National DPAs shared some of their successes and challenges.
I gave a presentation on how to take publishable photos.
Jeff was asked to bear his testimony.
After our meetings one day a few of us took a drive to the temple grounds.
Melbourne, Australia Temple
We then flew to Sydney to have training with the Sydney multi-stake PA Council.
That day we ate lunch up in the Sky Tower.  The restaurant makes a full revolution every hour.
Even though is was a very dull and cloudy day, I took a few snaps from the Sky Tower.
The Sydney harbor is beautiful.  The Sky Tower in on the left.
Here is one of many photos I took of the Sydney Opera House.
After all our conference responsibilities were over, we took a couple of days to rest and recuperate.  One day we took an all day tour.  Our first stop was a wild life park.
We also visited the Blue Mountains.  This rock formation is called The Three Sisters.
Sydney, Australia Temple

We had a successful conference and a great experience associating with so many dedicated and talented saints and seeing a bit of Australia.


  1. And then after all that you took about a day and a half putting together this great post telling the whole story. Wonderful job as always, Karen. And I think they certainly got the right person to make the presentation on publishable photos.

  2. I am amazed at all the work and preparations that go into each of these events. I also noticed our winter coat in one of the pictures. You truly deserved a couple days of vacation time after that one.

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