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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Melanie Riwai-Couch, a Woman of Faith

Meet Melanie 

Melanie is first and foremost, a devoted wife to the bishop, and a mother to five darling and active children.  After that she is a student working on her doctorate, an educator, a community leader, and an extra ordinary Public Affairs advocate for the church.  She is also a Woman of Great Faith and Courage.  For the past several years, Christchurch, New Zealand, where Melanie lives, has suffered more than 10,000 earthquakes.   During this time, Melanie has reached out to her family, neighbors, schools, friends and strangers alike, serving and rescuing, digging silt and muddy sand out of homes, providing food and emergency care.  But more than all this, she has shared her faith and courage, and in doing so has lifted spirits and brought comfort and hope to others.  Several months ago, Timeout for Women came to New Zealand where Sheri Dew had a chance to meet Melanie, and invited her to Utah to be the key note speaker at BYU Women's conference in April.  We consider it such a blessing to know Melanie and her family.  Please take a moment to read her inspiring words, 

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  1. What an inspiring message and what a great woman. Her adversity has made her stronger and more able to give to others.