Dear Family & Friends: We are having so many new and exciting adventures to tell you about. We get up around 5:45am and go as fast as we can until bedtime, learning our new responsibilities and having a peek at this BEAUTIFUL country. We hope in this blog we can express how blessed we are to testify of Jesus Christ and serve Him in this amazing corner of the world! HAERE MAI* to our blog, we're glad you are visiting us!.....(*This means 'WELCOME' in the Maori language)

Sunday, April 21, 2013


 We were so excited When Rich sent us back to Tahiti to train our DPAs on how to use Newsroom.  What a perfect way to end our mission!

 After we finished our two day training, our wonderful DPAs had us sit up front, along with Rachel who also joined us for our training.  They all filed past us one by one and each gave us a gift and thanked us for serving them. 

 Here is Frederick and Manea who were so gracious and appreciative of our help and service.  I will never forget our first trip to Tahiti when Frederick met us at the airport with warm greetings and flower leis at 1:00 AM, only to drive us five minutes to our hotel to make sure we were safely settled.

 After opening gifts and taking photos, they sang a beautiful farewell song to us.

In between training sessions we took another trip to the Tahitian Pearl broker and purchased pearls for our girls and the Starleys.

We also had time to visit and have dinner with Rachel's brother and partner.

 Here we are enjoying some down time by the hotel's pool.

 There are 'characters' even in Tahiti!

What a wonderful trip!  
(Notice the curly hair)

And a beautiful sunset over Moorea to remember.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Last FHE

Charity Never Faileth

Here is one of my favorite photos from New Zealand.  This little boy, wearing his red gum boots, was helping to paint a school.  A large group of members of the local LDS Church, (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), spent a Saturday painting and sprucing up a local school.  There were old people, young people, families and teenagers all involved.  We attended and I took many photos.  This little guy was very serious about his work!

I have given the Church permission to use many of my photos as stock for their various websites and publications.   They added the quote and posted this one on the facebook page.

Here is the original:


Friday, April 19, 2013

Hamilton, New Zealand Temple

After our last zone conference, we stayed until the 'golden hour' and this day it was beautiful, with a never ending display of big, puffy clouds plus intermittent rain showers that would part to reveal the rays of the setting sun.  So typical of NZ weather.  Here are my last photos of the Hamilton Temple.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Last Zone Conference

This was our last zone conference.  President Porter was our mission president when we started our mission and President Lekias was our mission president when we left.  Elder and Sister Nelson were our good friends.  We went out to dinner often or stayed home and played games.  Sister Nelson and I took some exercise classes together and one line dancing class and we also went to 'Rock the Ballet' together.  Zone conferences were held in several different locations and we could choose the one we wanted to go to.  Most often we would go to Hamilton. 

We would go to zone conference in the morning, then a session at the temple in the afternoon.

And then stop at Pokenos for ice cream on the way home.  Our favorite flavor is Gold Rush!

Watching the Olympics

One evening we gathered at Elder & Sister Halverson's flat to eat pizza and watch the Olympics.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hunter Family

I have taken so many photos on our mission and I wanted to take some family photos for Rich as a small way of saying "thank you" for making our mission so memorable!

Richard Hunter

Richard Hunter - Pacific Area Director of Public Affairs

Working with Rich has been a joy.  He is a soft spoken, humble man with a great sense of humor.  And he is in large part responsible for the wonderful mission we have had.  Always thoughtful, respectful, happy and pleasant, and full of enthusiasm and energy for Public Affairs work.  Rich is a very spiritual man and being guided by the spirit is the foundation for his amazing contribution in moving the work forward in the Pacific Area.  We would often start our meetings with a prayer and an example from the scriptures of how our work should be done.

Special Office Friends

Heather is the secretary to to Area OGC, Craig Christensen and is always willing to help with a computer problem, copier problem or anything else.
 Raymond would often stop by our office for a visit.  He always has a smile on his face.
Mike is the Area audio-visual person and we worked together on several projects.  He asked me to add my camera to some of his 'shoots'.  It is always fun to talk photography with him.

FHE at the MTC

The senior missionaries were invited to have FHE at the MTC by President and Sister Bleak.