Dear Family & Friends: We are having so many new and exciting adventures to tell you about. We get up around 5:45am and go as fast as we can until bedtime, learning our new responsibilities and having a peek at this BEAUTIFUL country. We hope in this blog we can express how blessed we are to testify of Jesus Christ and serve Him in this amazing corner of the world! HAERE MAI* to our blog, we're glad you are visiting us!.....(*This means 'WELCOME' in the Maori language)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hamilton, New Zealand Temple

After our last zone conference, we stayed until the 'golden hour' and this day it was beautiful, with a never ending display of big, puffy clouds plus intermittent rain showers that would part to reveal the rays of the setting sun.  So typical of NZ weather.  Here are my last photos of the Hamilton Temple.


  1. Hi Bro & Sis Larsen,
    We love the NZ Temple photos you posted on your blog dated Friday, 19th April 2013. Specifically the 3rd photo.. wide view of Temple and Temple grounds displaying the yellow flowers on the botttom.
    We were born in NZ however reside in Queensland Australia and part of Logan Stake.
    Will you plse check your email regarding our urgent request, which explains in more detail what were trying to do.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind Regards,
    Joseph and Gena Alofipo

  2. Hi Jeff and Karen,

    I hope you are enjoying your travels, your photos are lovely.
    We emailed you, using your contact us email, yesterday and it's quite urgent we receive your answer.
    A family would like to use one of your photos.
    Awaiting your reply,
    Thanks, kind regards,