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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Melanie and Family

Jared & Melanie Riwai-Couch

Melanie is our DPA in Christchurch.  She and her husband are a wonderful couple and stalwart saints who spend many, many hours in Church service.  We loved the times we were able to spend with their family.  On our last visit, I took these photos.

The FRIEND magazine wanted to do a story on a Maori girl and chose E.  Melanie asked if I would take photos for the article.  These are some of my favorite ones.

 This is her beautiful sister M.

 And her adorable little sister M.  The top photo is a traditional Maori pose meant to intimidate enemies.  (I don't think this cutie has many enemies!)

Here is a picture of Melanie and me.

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